To put it in quite simple terms viewpoint is objects which are even further away appearing smaller compared to those which are closer to the viewer. In art the correct use of viewpoint is very important as it could make a flat image seem to have depth and volume. This tutorial will illustrate the fundamentals of viewpoint drawing and explain how these are applied to drawing anime and manga. Use of Perspective in Anime & Manga – A scene like the room and character drawing above is fairly common in anime and manga. To be capable of making a correct design of a room like this knowledge of viewpoint is absolutely essential.

Even when you’re not especially intrigued in anime, but simply like to sketch and do not know much about viewpoint drawing this tutorial can still be very helpful. The Basics of Viewpoint Drawing – The above is a basic example of viewpoint drawing. Objects get smaller the further they go in the distance. You can continue drawing cubes further and further back between the viewpoint lines till they turn into a point – Drawing With No Viewpoint – In a cube all sides are typically identical in length, but above illustration you can see how a sides of the first cube which are even further away are drawn smaller whilst the sides which are closer are drawn larger.

At the second drawing where the back and front sides are drawn the same size the cube looks odd and distorted. Start your free trial today. Ad – Stand out with a pro web site. Portfolio, or on-line store. Squarespace – Learn more – The Horizon Line – As already mentioned viewpoint is objects getting smaller as they go off into the distance. The point or points at which the objects in a drawing vanish into the distance or become a dot are know as the disappearing points. The position depends upon where the viewers eyes. This kind of viewpoint is good to use when you’re looking at the centre of an object or a scene that’s facing direct towards the viewer.

Two point Viewpoint – Two point viewpoint has two vanishing points and is one of the most typical. You may want to use this when drawing most objects or scenes. Three Point Viewpoint – Three point viewpoint has 3 disappearing points and is usually used when drawing large objects like buildings. The 3rd disappearing point may also be above an objects. An example will be looking at a building from below. The top of the building will appear much smaller compared to the bottom. Drawing Area & Vanishing Points – Its very important to note that in many cases the vanishing points and even the horizon line can be off of the actual drawing area.